Payroll Services

Deerfield Beach payroll services

Processing payroll is a necessary evil for many small business owners. The pressure to keep up with tax filings and make sure your payroll calculations are correct every time can be overwhelming. If you’re struggling to submit payroll taxes, pay different types of employees, and deal with direct deposits, we can help. Advanced Professional Accounting Services will streamline your payroll responsibilities so you can focus your energies elsewhere. Our services are affordable, convenient, and include everything a small business requires to manage payroll.

When you outsource to us, confusing tax filings, IRS penalties, and all the stress associated with processing payroll will be a thing of the past. You can depend on us to accurately tally and submit your tax filings, pay your employees properly, and compile your payroll reports, while you spend your time running your business. If needed, we offer an additional level of service to handle worker's compensation audits on your behalf. Our services are scalable so as your business and your staff grows, we’ll adjust our support to keep up with your changing needs.

Payroll for Small Businesses

Our outsourced payroll services provide peace of mind for all types of small business owners. Call us now at 954-725-6114 to get a free quote or request your free consultation online to learn more about our payroll services.

  • Small business payroll processing
  • Federal and state payroll tax filings
  • Direct deposits
  • Accounting summaries
  • Payroll reports
  • Worker's compensation audits